Tatiana Travels: Prague

Prague has been one of my top destinations ever since my best friend started sending me photos of its skyline and beautiful streets. I almost missed my bus to get there (as I’ve mentioned, never trust me with transit times) but thankfully I got to arrive and see that she was right: Prague is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!


That was honestly my favourite thing about Prague. Everything is just so… pretty. Just look at this view!


I could have spent days just walking up and down the various streets and neighbourhoods, soaking up their beauty.

One of the first, and most beautiful, sights I saw, was the Charles Bridge. Named after King Charles IV, one of Prague’s major kings (I say this mainly because a ton of things in Prague were named after this guy), it’s lined by fancy statues of saints and princes.


I have fewer photos of Prague than I would have liked, because it was so cold and I didn’t want to take off my gloves… so this photo does not completely do this beautiful bridge justice. (Yet another reason you have to see it yourself!)

A quick walk down the river and through some beautifully winding streets brought us to the Prague Astronomical Clock. It’s best known for its hourly show, which is one of the most overrated attractions in Europe!


It’s still pretty, though!

It’s right on the corner of Wenceslas Square, one of the main squares in Prague. If you’re walking around Wenceslas Square (and you should), I would recommend stopping at St. Nicholas Church next. (It is free. And beautiful. What more does anyone need?)


Where can I get one of these for my apartment?

For a country that’s, according to the guide of my walking tour, one of the most atheist in the world, it has the most gorgeous chandelier I’ve ever seen.

It also has some of the weirdest food. From what I could tell, it’s all dumplings and meat (and fried cheese). However, I did have trdelnik, fried pastry wrapped around a stick and then filled with something (ice cream in my case).


It also has such weird pronunciation. So many consonants…

Something else I would recommend, if you’re there in the winter: gluhwein. It’s hot, mulled, sweet wine, and it is life-changing (and everywhere on the street).

That was my top attraction in Prague (hehe, just kidding… am I?) but one of the other main attractions is Prague Castle.

(Or maybe this is just one of the main attractions for me, because it is a castle. If you don’t know that I am obsessed with castles by now, have you really been reading this blog?)

Except… it’s not really a castle. I was lied to. (I hope you feel as betrayed as I did.) It’s technically a “castle complex”: there was once a castle there, back in the day, but now it’s a group of buildings, including the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral.


I’m still sad that there was no *real castle*, but I did get to hear several stories about defenestrations, so that made up for it a bit. (I love any chance I get to use this word. It is a good word.) Apparently it’s a popular way to kill someone in Prague- who knew?

Next up, on “Weird Prague Things”: Prague even has its very own Eiffel Tower. (You can check out my Paris post if you want to compare them for size.)


Do I know why this exists? No. But I like it.

It’s situated at the top of Petrin Hill, a beautiful walk that will show you more stunning views of Prague. (I had to start looking up synonyms for “beautiful” because that’s really all that pops into my head when I think of Prague.)

Another interestingly derivative thing to visit: the Lennon Wall, a wall covered in graffiti and dedicated to John Lennon.


I’m including myself in this photo so it’s clear I was actually there.

Why is Prague obsessed with John Lennon? Again, no idea. It’s best just to accept that Prague is a weird place. (Charming, but weird.)

To end this post: here is another pretty photo of a street, so you can really feel like you’re experiencing Prague.


You’re welcome.

Travel Tips: 

  • It SEEMS like everything is inexpensive, because the exchange rate is so low, but this led me to spend more than I probably should have (oops…). Just something to note!
  • If you no longer want to see serious, intellectual sights, go check out the Sex Machines Museum. You won’t regret it. (I did not share photos of this attraction. The reasons for this should be obvious.)
  • Prague is very walkable! I didn’t really take public transit while I was there, because most of the main attractions are concentrated in the centre.

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