About me

IMG_2145.jpgI’m Tatiana. I spend way too money on coffee; my chief loves are travelling and cats; and I only look good smiling with my mouth open.

But why blog?

I constantly talk about how much I love writing, and I thought it was time that I put it into practice.

Expect to read: 

  • Love letters to the various places I’m exploring across Europe
  • Existential crises about university, entering adulthood, and life in general
  • Discussions about books I’ve read as well and the culture of writing (lit nerd is in the subtitle, after all)

Fine, but who are you?

  • I really like lists.
  • I’m in my third year of English and Business with a French minor at the University of Waterloo.
  • My most recent job was as a Content Marketing Co-op at advocate marketing specialists Influitive, and I’ll be returning there in the winter.
  • I volunteer as a Fiction Reader for The Tishman Review. I’ll always have a soft spot for literary journals in general and The New Quarterly in particular.

Want to read more of my writing? I’ve blogged for HerCampus, Influitive, Magentrix, and The New Quarterly (and more to come soon!).


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