Tatiana Travels: Prague

Prague has been one of my top destinations ever since my best friend started sending me photos of its skyline and beautiful streets. I almost missed my bus to get there (as I've mentioned, never trust me with transit times) but thankfully I got to arrive and see that she was right: Prague is one of the … Continue reading Tatiana Travels: Prague


On Travelling Alone

When I started this exchange, I was sure I would never do a solo trip. I had lots of reasons: it wouldn't be as fun, I'd get lonely, I wouldn't have anyone to take photos of me. These are the reasons I told people jokingly, anyway, whenever the topic of travelling alone came up in conversation. … Continue reading On Travelling Alone

How to Know if Your Life is Passing You By, or FOMO

FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Could there be a more typically millennial expression? It's something I've always struggled with (who hasn't?), but I didn't expect to feel this way half a world away from my normal life. Poor me, right? This kind of existential angst can definitely be categorized under #FirstWorldProblems. I'm getting … Continue reading How to Know if Your Life is Passing You By, or FOMO